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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  March 31, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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final four. >> that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. we're going to see you again tomorrow. go to greta, follow us there. there are special guests tomorrow night. laura bush, good night from dallas. bill o'reilly is up only network is that will go on, fbn. if you don't get it. >> get it. >> glenn: today, by the way -- hello. today, we are going to follow this pattern. 1882, nicci, a guy you read and you want to hang yourself. he declared god is dead. 1966, time magazine asked the question is god dead? with all the things going on, we are going to say that god is aware, involved and is waiting for you to notice and respond. i'll show you exactly how i
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know. he lives and he is involved. i'll show you an individual i think he is sending you a message. it's kind of inside. screening to get out. sending you a message that no, no. i am not dead. wait. don't go anywhere. this is a show you don't want to miss. c'mon. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. tonight we're going to talk about israel. israel is about the size of new jersey. it is a little bit, bitty country right here in the middle of all the fighting. okay. it's surrounded by happy nations like egypt and libya. saudi arabia. yemen. bahrain. and iran and jordan, lebanon,
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syria, turkey. it's great! and as the nations one-by-one go through unrest and regime changes, all of the change is a little more hostile toward israel. one glance at the news, and it's easy to see the momentum is not going in the right direction if you care at all about israel. i want to show you what has happened generally in the last 24 hours or so just since we met last night. you tell me, are things getting better or worse? yesterday, u.n. general secretary ban ki-moon said israel needs to end its occupation of the palestinian territory. and called the so-called occupation morally and politically unsustainable. then turkey, remember, a member of nato. hey, we're about to turn this whole thing over to nato. that is so good that turkey is in there.
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nothing spooky happening in turkey. the turkish deputy prime minister called for turkey to strengthen its relations with iran. that is going to be good. yeah, in order to solve some of the regional problems. i wonder what problems they might solve in iran? last i checked, iran was talking about triggering the return of the mahdior 12th imam but chaos and bloodshed. vaporizing israel. good thing turkey is on board now. a senior iranian military commander says recent developments boost iran power in the region and the recent uprising in the middle east are a wave of islamic awakening. great. iran, by the way, also busy. they're cozying up to lebanon. another one of those countrys on fire in the middle east, around israel. the top officials from the two nations just met and discussed the need for unity and
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solidarity among the regional nations. man. this is going to work out well. by the way, in a completely unrelated story, this happened a couple of days ago, cargo ship. it's around here some place. a cargo ship. those are navy vessels there is the cargo ship. it was just intercepted off the coast and headed to the hands of hamas in gaza. here is the disturbing part. the israeli navy made this discovery on board show me the gifts inside. look at that. like a pez dispenser only missiles come out. missiles strong enough to take out the israeli navy ships. the cargo ship was from iran, who is strengthening their ties with everybody around. and the missiles, they're chinese. now, there is something else going on. coincidently, the same time that seiu stephen lerner is
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expected to march people in street in new york to try to collapse the dow jones, the economy and take down jp morgan chase, a story that nobody seems to care about, radicals on the left are also planning to take the freedom flotilla two, to end the siege in gaza. this is similar to the one bill ayers and code pink were all about supporting a few months back in the summer. by the way, while we're here with the loveable bill ayers, who the president never knew! , they just -- he is currently in the middle east. with his wife bernadine doran. she is the one after charlie manson, you know, stabbed that woman to death, you know, the pregnant woman with a fork, and they all sat down and had dinner. his wife was the one who said, "far out and then they ate with the dead chick on the floor." she's still a sweetheart. they are still a couple of
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lovebirds but they're in beirut now. this was take an few days ago. here is what they're talking about now they're trying to teach people about the new world order. listen how everybody in the world can vote. it's great! >> every breath of the country in military base ought to have the right to vote in the american presidential election. it causes a different way of thinking. >> glenn: yes, it does. >> imagine, hundreds of hundreds of millions of people voting for the american president from countries as diverse as cuba, italy, and you know, wherever. it's a great idea. >> glenn: he does think it's a great idea. just like the great ideas in 1960s when they were plotting terrorism together with the weather underground. hey, i wonder, i wonder -- i haven't checked the border, then again no one checked the southern border for a while.
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but they they're on some sort of terrorist exchange program we don't know about in the middle east. it could be. he went on to say that's why obama was in germany before the election. running for president of the world pretty much. isn't that great? 24 hour ago a facebook page was up and finally taken down last night after complaints flooded in to facebook to have it removed. the page called for a third palestinian uprising. the original call were to take to the streets. that's just what the president said. take to the streets. you kids, crazy kids of the digital age. get up. it's neat-o. there were motivational quotes like this one. it love this. judgment day will be brought upon us only once the muslims have killed all the jews. what? the page had more than 340,000
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fans. gnatty portman, the academy award -- the one who is like i'm a ballet dancer. she has 477,000 fans. the thing to with the jews like natalie portman they're going for her in the oscar. another story i saw in the move, probably not worth mentioning, 220 marines from camp lejeune are getting ready to deploy -- well, you know, libya. that's -- on a ship! just off the coast. no big -- this is an air campaign. what? you have all of this going on simultaneously. it was all triggered by the spontaneous upgizing. they happened overnight. remember the story in the administration was taken off-guard they were surprised. hay didn't know what to do. yeah.
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the president needed time to figure out how to respond, because it was so crazy. could i be a burr under his saddle, just for a second. could i interject a little reality? could i show you what we have found? i know it takes -- what is it, 87 -- 87 people at media matters, all day long just to take what i say to you here and try to smear it. and turn it upside down. 87. they are hiring more with george soros money. the ten people here that do the research on this show. look what we found? couldn't it be amazing what they could find? ten on this program found this. reports in an egyptian newspaper are now revealing that the obama administration met with members of egypt's muslim brotherhood way back in the time machine 2009. the brotherhood reportedly expressed to the administration their support
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for democracy. and that war on terror thing. any sane person would say i think you're lying. but as we've seen, this administration went right along with it. >> the term "muslim brotherhood" is an umbrella term for variety of movements. in the case of egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largery secular, which has ashoeed violence and decried al-qaeda as a perversion of islam. >> glenn: 2009. so they're back in talks saying i heart you, you heart me. yeah, then we can all get along. let's go for democracy. way back again in the time machine, november 2010. that's last fall. not too far in the distant
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past. in the midst of the mid-term election when nobody was looking there was this story. man, i wish we had seen it then, huh? obama nfc meets with egypt democracy advocates. hmm. the article reports top obama national security officials met with group of bipartisan foreign policy experts who advocate the u.s. get more involved in of all places egypt. what are the odds? now the bipartisan groups, they, they have all kind of people involved. project in the middle east for democracy. human rights watch. they have the carnegie endowment. they have the brookings institute. they have freedom house. and, of course, we know center for american progress. let me show you. this iso crazy. this is crazy. we know that george soros is
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involved in that one. and that one. and that one. that one. and that one. that one. but also at the table, on the obama side was a completely neutral samantha power. she is half of the most dangerous couple in america. i'll put here over here. he is the most dangerous man in america. cass sunstein. she is "danger" is her middle name. she is an aide to obama. and just in the last 24 hours, she was described by "time" magazine as "the foremost voice for human rights within the white house." she has obama's ear. according to the executive director of human rights watch. human rights watch? have i seen that before?
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oh, that's right. george soros group. this one. these are also all of his groups. this one is the one i'm talking about that just said this about her. how do they know her? she wrote this book. "problem from hell." it's about genocide. she is not just an author. no. this idea was so good that somebody said i'm going to -- i like that. i like that. called her up. the many faces of george soros. "hey, it's me, i'm not so evil right now. you're a genius. why don't you get together with my charity group?" so she did. and then they spawned -- are you ready -- the global center for the responsibility to protect which gives us the responsibility to protect doctrine, which sends us in to libya. isn't that weird this by the way, open society, only one of
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two of the foundation bankroll this whole idea. it was her idea that george soros creates a foundation that gets the whole responsibility to protect thing through. the same doctrine that was used because she has his ear. i have wonder who has his other ear? uh-oh. i remember now. her husband. so the u.s. military action in libya is based on this. this is what -- these are all the very diverse people that got together to say back last fall, hey, by the way, we should do something about democracy in egypt. the "new york times" caught on to some of this and wrote the president decision to pursue the course is something of a perm triumph for samantha. mazel tov. i mean that, sam. you should be so proud.
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you're a big girl now. go back to her influence in egypt. way back in november. she is the one who met with all the many faces of george soros to figure out democracy in egypt. what should we do, georgie? here is the report on the meeting. participants who attended the meeting were reluctant to get into the real details of what the nfc officials discussed. i bet. but they suggested the meeting comes in the midst of the obama administration conducting a review of the policies on democracy in the middle east. a stepped up focus by senior obama administration officials on the egyptian democracy issue in particular. so this is months before the spontaneous uprisings for democracy in egypt. all out of the blue.
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out of all the years for egyptians to get freedom bug to get away from mubarak and start protesting, shortly after the administration steps up effort on the egyptian democracy issue. wow! a lot of experts from the administration told these guys, this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy, and her, who is sponsored by this guy. oh, they had quite an argument with themselves! the white house was warning putting pressure on egypt could harm the palestinian israeli peace efforts but they won. somehow or another they got together on that. the delegation moved forward. stressing that stability in egypt is an illusion. we have to get on the right side of this thing. so they didn't either care about stability or they knew something about that egyptian stability that no one else did. you know, something that would make it go unstable. or make it an illusion.
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i wonder if they had context at google or facebook. or if they knew something else that has been right in front of everybody's face but nobody in the media has even caught it. oh, my gosh. you should watch tomorrow's show. watch tomorrow. remember, while mubarak was a dictator, he played nice. protecting israel go to the map, please. put the map back up here. see, israel, i mean, it's right here. egypt was the only thing that kept everything from going up in flames. a big whole in the line of defense now, if you take out egypt. as we showed you, they are surrounded. i don't know if you have ever been to israel, but i have. what is striking about it is how tiny it is. yet, there has never ever been another country like it on earth. one that division appeared
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about 2,000 years ago. and it was proth le sized it would come back and -- proth le sized it would come back. no country said it would come back and did and was this important. weird, huh? this is an important place. there is a reason the postage stamp is fought over by everybody. this is the place where man first listened to god. the temple mount. this is where it all began. judaism believes this is where god gathered to create adam. abraham was set to sacrifice his own son right there. muslims believe this is where muhammad's descent from heaven is from. jesus turned over the table. where christians believe jesus is coming back again. probably sooner rather than later, i'm just saying. three of the world's major religions stem from this
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posten stamp. when you are there, you really realize how small it is. and yet, the temple mount. this right there behind this wall just calls out to you. that is me with a fat belly near the wall a few years back. this weekend, i was in texas. i want to tell you what i realized when i was in texas. it's similar to what i realized when i was in israel. i'll do that next. e
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>> glenn: i was in texas this last weekend and i visited the alamo. i had the same feeling as my wife and i this weekend, i still have that belly. we were in jerusalem and i had the same kind of feeling. the alamo is so small. the alamo held less than 200 texans. they held off santa ana's army for about, about 2400 people for 13 days. this is the place where davey crockett and sam bowie and
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william travis died fighting for liberty. it's an inspiring story. i feel in many ways we're in the same foundation with the soros funded media matters shutting down the truth, declaring guerilla warfare and abstaj against the -- sabotage against the network. tomorrow we'll lay this out on a timeline and it will boggle your mind how he is doing this. i feel the same way i think that colonel travis did when he wrote this letter. i've shared this with you before. this letter is what he wrote when he was asking for, he was asking for help. he was asking for people. he wrote it and he knew it was too late. but this is one of the greatest letters of american history. it's because of this letter we have the slogan "remember the alamo." what they did, i get the same feeling that israel can
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sympathize with those at the alamo. they are surrounded by enemies. someone the other day called me general custer. they said you are surrounded my friend. that's okay. i knew i would be. that's all right. you have to stand. when you really truly believe something, you have to stand up. tonight i would like to, if i may be so bold, let me issue the same plea for israel. that colonel travis issued for the alamo. for our values, country, families, liberty. as william travis did. if i may paraphrase poorly. wrote in the letter to all americans, i'd like to add to all of those freedom lovers that hear or see me anywhere around the world. all over the planet people are watching.
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freedom, our country or this country is under siege. it has been taken continual bombardment and the enemy is about to demand a surrender. if you don't surrender, they will put whoever won't to the sword. that happens if the fort is taken. i have been on this program answering those demand with the cannon shot and the flag of freedom still waves. i'm not going to surrender. i'm not going to retreat. i don't really care. i know what is true. i call on you now in liberty and patriotism and everything dear to the american character to come no matter where you are in the world. to come to our aid. to come to the aid of freedom. to come to the aid of the people god called the israelites. with all dispatch. the enemy is receiving reinforcements daily. and is increasing in number. if this call is neglected, i
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am determined to sustain myself as long as possible. just like william travis wrote in his letter, die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his honor or that of his country. victory or death. william barrett travis wrote those words. at the end, he had a p.s. it was just this. the lord is on our side. he went on to explain that there was there was multiplying of food. i'm just telling you, that you will see the lord's hand. you will be defended. freedom doesn't belong to you and me, no malter where we are in the world. it doesn't matter to israel -- belong to israel, australia, england or anywhere else. it doesn't belong to us as individuals. he loans us these rights for
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his purposes. now people would say where is another william travis or a davey crockett or george washington? i've been looking for one for a while. people are asking, as i have been where is he. where is reagan, where is churchill? where is anyone standing up daily for freedom and making the case? the answer is what it always has been. it's you. but it's time for you to realize who you are. and that you were born at this time with a purpose. i ask you now to come with all dispatch to the side of liberty. join hands, link arms. no matter where on earth you are watching me. anywhere in the world. it's time for you to stand. not against an administration. not against george soros or anyone else. but stand up. stand for our god, our
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freedom, and our families.
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♪ ♪ >> glenn: i think many americans are asking who is standing for freedom? the middle east is crumbling. we're treating the only bastion of democracy, a stable free republic israel as a foe now. we have labor leaders in our own country planning economic terrorism to take down our financial system in may. at times, at times it might feel hopeless. it feels like you don't have the power to make any decisions you can't stand against the collective force. but i think, as i wrote in a
2:35 am
book put out called "the 7s," a few months back. bred crumbs. life is all about breadcrumbs. you just have to follow them. my website at found a story i'd like to prove nietzsche is wrong. god is not dead. he is waiting for you to notice to respond. i noticed something and i saw this as we post on the website. we reached out to the family. i wanted to bring the family to new york so you could meet them. what i noticed is jacob barnett. 12 years old and renewing face as the power of a person's mind can change the world. i met with him earlier today in my office in new york city. i want you to watch him.
2:36 am
>> [ inaudible ] natural log rhythms of "y" equals cosnie "x," "e" to the "e" sinex. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: i carries einstein's theory of relativity in my back pocket for a year-and-a-half, when i was 30, 35. i read it over and over again. it couldn't grasp it. when did you? >> let's see. when did that click for me? about the time i was ten. >> how many grades did you skip? >> seven. >> do you have a photographic memory. >> yep. >> what is that like? >> you can see anything in front of you, like a math equation or pi. >> they say that steven hawking can think in three dimensions. >> i believe so. i can think in four and five.
2:37 am
>> glenn: let's draw a cat. >> a cat? you want me to draw a cat? >> yeah. see, you can't do it, can you, kid! [ laughter ] >> do you know much about thomas jefferson? he had a mind like yours. he could write in two different languages and he could also write backwards. can you do that? >> yeah. let's see. ♪ ♪ >> where are you going to end up? >> i want to textbook so it makes some of the higher level math a bit easier. i want to see be a professor at some university making the math easier and i want to do research in the field of astro-physics. >> glenn: i hate that kid. [ laughter ] 12-year-old child prodigy jake barnett. with us here, parents, christine and michael
2:38 am
barnette. wow! christine, you told me earlier -- i'm watching you, brother. you told me earlier today you didn't know until this week that you knew, obviously, that had a different kind of brain on your hands here. but you had no idea that this was that unusual? >> not really until the world started doing the crazy things. i really just thought he was another smart kid. >> glenn: yeah. i don't think so. when he was a baby, how old was he, when he was taken to -- do we have the picture of the cereal box? he was taking cereal and spilling it all over the floor, how old there? >> 14 months. >> glenn: 14 months. when he could start to
2:39 am
communicate, he told you what he was trying to do. what did he say? >> he said he was doing the volume of the boxes. he made i ccasions. making his own equations. >> glenn: yeah. i don't even, i don't even know what -- i wouldn't even recognize an equation for volume, would you? >> not really. >> glenn: yeah, no. can he play any musical instrument? can he. >> when he was three years old we were buying a gift for a lady in a little toy store near our house. i was in a hurry. i was a busy mom. i was like come along, jacob. let's get this gift picked out. he stood in front of a music box and opened it, closed it, opened it, closed it. as i was checking out, walked over to a roll-out piano and just began playing beith -- beethoven. >> glenn: i did that when i was two.
2:40 am
not that special. don't get cocky, kid. he was diagnosed at what age with asperbger? >> just short of two. >> glenn: why did you take him to the doctor? >> he stopped talking. he went from babbling like a regular toddler, speaking like a regular toddler, saying, "i love you" to his mom and dad and he completely quit. >> glenn: okay. saying, "i love you" to mom and dad looking for the volume of box. >> yeah. >> glenn: right. okay. but then he stopped talking so you freaked out and went to the doctor and the doctor said what? >> mrs. barnett, your son has autism. >> glenn: what did it mean to you? >> at the time, it just meant there was no hope. i talked to every doctor and therapist i could find. we don't know if he will talk again. we think he will always be in special ed. but you knew the whole time he was in there, right?
2:41 am
>> absolutely! >> glenn: and did you have a clue he was functioning at a higher -- not this level -- but a higher level? >> yes, because of who he was when he started talking. >> glenn: the cereal box volume might have set me off. and the piano thing, too. the message that you were receiving now from doctors and everybody else, teachers and everything else, look us handwriting isn't real good. but you were saying no, no, look what he is writing, right? so what is the message that you have before we watch him in action for a second? what is the message that you have for other families familiet might be exactly like you? >> when you are given an overwhelming diagnosis, do not give up. when children with autism have scattered skills. you have skills down low on the bottom. handwriting, tieing the shoes, being coordinated on a
2:42 am
bicycle. look for the scat everyed skills that are up high. look for math and history and spend an equal amount of time doing those. also, let your child be a child. let your child play, go fishing with them. do normal childhood experiences with your child. and then always let your child do what they love. >> glenn: i'm going to introduce you to jacob. i've got a test for you. i don't know any of the answers but i've got a test. but i want you to watch him. and my what i got, after just watching the story at the website was this: that when you feel overwhelmed, and you think like everything -- this is just overwhelming diagnosis, watch god's
2:43 am
handiwork. because what we think is really bad we just don't understand. it's about to reveal itself as something amazing. i'm going to introduce you to jacob and let you see god's handiwork here in a second, as he is starting op his path to disprove the big bang. watch. you go next if you had a
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>> glenn: back with 12 -- 12 -- 12-year-old whiz kid jake barnett. don't worry, jake, some day you'll be like me, old and just kind of like mushy around the center. and not so special. enjoy it while you can, my friend. his parents, kristine and michael are here, but i want to talk to jake about, i want you to show america what you showed me in my office today.
2:48 am
>> okay. >> glenn: prove infinite series is convergent. you can't do this. >> all right. pick out the right color. i want you. all right. integal test. >> glenn: that's where i would have started. >> what? >> glenn: that is where i would have started. keep going. i have don't mean to throw you off-track. >> so then i have a theory. mm-hmm. >> and if it's convergent, the integral is con ver jent. so if it'sdy ver gent, the integral isdy ver jent -- divergent. two x, divided by one-plus,
2:49 am
cos, to the fourth. >> glenn: have you thought of this? just watch me. i don't do this often. i want to help you out. okay? [ laughter ] [ whistling ] see what i mean? i'd go with that one, america. go with the r2d2. it only saved the ga lax xy? okay? >> this is improper integral. limit. >> glenn: does he do. >> he stays awake learning this stuff? like reading with a flashlight or something? >> he just takes it in his room with him. when he was little he took
2:50 am
alphabet with raised dots in the room and came back the next morning and was writing in braille. >> glenn: how little? >> stop talking. >> one. >> one? he just taught himself how to write braille? >> yeah. when -- >> glenn: keep writing, kid. >> when his brother was four, and we were stunned, he wasn't doing the same thing. when his brother was one and couldn't figure out how to read and write by himself. >> glenn: new parents. i know. >> what is wrong with you? [ laughter ] >> glenn: why aren't you playing the piano? you're two! must be amazing. i want to spend a little bit more time with him in a second. come on back over here, i'll check your work later. >> okay. >> glenn: but i want to talk to you when we come back a little bit about why you think the big bang is wrong. then i have a gift for you. and you as well. back in a
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>> glenn: back with 12-year-old child prodigy jake barnett and his parents, kristine and michael. you went into college when you were eight. >> that's when i started auditing my first classes. >> glenn: right, okay. does he go to college classes now? who are your friends?
2:55 am
are they eight or college? who are your friends? >> i have friends from school. that is friends i kept from fifth grade. then i also have friends at college. i hang out in the honors lounge and i got friends there. >> glenn: okay. i asked you today if you knew anything, how you were doing on history. you told me that you have a photographic memory. i'm going to give you some books and then i'd like to either have you back or skype. i want to see what you can do with a few things. first of all, "5,000 year leap." this is the 28 principles that set us apart. then there is two amazing men of science, benjamin franklin, thomas jefferson. these are the real thomas jefferson and real ben grank
2:56 am
lynn. fantastic book. this guy is from berkeley. he's smart. if i sicks for future presidents. i like it. -- this is physics for future presidents there are a few things you probably won't like, you'll spot, too, but we'll keep it between us. i told a friend of mine today we were meeting and said the parents should read "autism and the god connection." this is for you.
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